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Best Tools to Automate Common HR Processes with SharePoint

The work of an HR department involves a lot of hectic schedules along with monitoring various processes and tasks regularly. The HR management team should streamline these processes to ensure efficiency and maximum productivity within the employees, and the company as a whole.

However, with the help of an excellent tool named, Microsoft SharePoint, one can easily keep track and streamline the various HR process easily. The HR department can utilize its range of features with this software solution.

When you take the help of Microsoft SharePoint you can easily avoid task repetitiveness from your routine. It becomes easy and simple to automate HR these processes with the help of this software solution. Moreover, SharePoint is loaded with ample features that can help the HR department to work efficiently.

Apart from this, the SharePoint tool comes with a wide array of features that are:

Microsoft Forms

It becomes important for the HR team to know about the views and the expectations of the employees. Moreover, it also helps the HR team to gain insights into the company’s hiring processes, team-building activities through surveys and polls. It is easy to create a survey and a poll for the employees through SharePoint. Even the employees of the company can access it from their web browser or through a mobile app.

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow allows the HR department to accelerate the automated workflows of the repetitive task at ease. By connecting SharePoint with their e-mail system, they can make the new hiring process more simplified and easy.

With the help of an automated system, SharePoint will send the notification to the right people about the new hiring. This process repeats each time when the admin adds a new user to the SharePoint List.

Quickly Process Requests

The HR department needs to allow and manage various permission requests from the employees regularly. However, with the help of Microsoft Flow, the HR department can utilize this platform to its advantage for making the approval process easy and simple. The most important advantage of SharePoint is that it works effortlessly with all the information and data that is stored in SharePoint and its subsidiaries.

Managing permission requests and allowing approvals through a single platform is simple and easy than using multiple platforms.

When you have the power of correct HR management software, managing the requests from a centralized portal saves time and increases efficiency.

Microsoft Planner

It is difficult to manage multiple teams with different projects simultaneously. However, when you have Microsoft Planner, your job becomes easy and simple. It allows you to organize, assign tasks along with receiving updates about the progress of the task.

The strong appeal and colorful visuals allow the user to handle difficult tasks with full control. Moreover, the Microsoft Planner also provides the user to collaborate and communicate with other members of the organization in an effective way.

Microsoft PowerApps

Solving problems has never been easy in an organization. However, with the availability of Microsoft PowerApps, problem-solving has become much easier and simple. You can create various apps specifically for HR executives and employees to solve complex problems.

Further, these apps are compatible with all devices. This means you can run these apps on any platform without any glitch. With the utilization of pre-built templates you can create unique solutions for your organization such as suggestion box, interviewing tool, and etc.

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Lanteria HR

Lanteria is an integrated human resource software that is built for automating HR processes and meeting the demands of organizational needs. It is built specifically for large to mid-sized business enterprises. However, to run smoothly this software solution you need to pair it up with a Microsoft Business Application designed with SharePoint and Office 365.

  • Core HR – With Lanteria human resources, you can easily create and automate essential HR processes. Apart from this, you can create various accessible and transparent organizational charts for the company. Moreover, it helps you to store all the informations about the employees with the help of this powerful web-based document management system.
  • Recruiting – Gives you the power to create a powerful recruitment process for hiring the correct people for your organization.
  • Performance – Create goals for the organization’s top performers with this powerful, and enriched software solution through smooth streamlining of various processes. It also helps you to achieve top performance along with maximum efficiency for the company.
  • Learning Management – Create strong training programs for your employees for improving their competencies. You can even record and track progress, and certifications about the training programs.

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