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How to Create an Awesome Human Resources SharePoint Site

It is important to create an effective Human Resources SharePoint site so that your company runs smoothly and without any hitch. This differs from company to company since they all vary in size and shape. Having a proper Human Resources SharePoint site is necessary to save your company from legal troubles.

Moreover, it is also essential to share documents, information, and updates with your employees. Further, the SharePoint Intranet allows you to share information on a wide basis.

It is a great platform for the users as they can easily read about various information related to the company such as company policies and onboarding new employees. Though, its use is restricted to a user basis. Click here for more details below:

Step 1: Select a Proper Template

The first that involves is selecting a proper template for creating the site. However, you will only get to pick only two choices that are available on the modern SharePoint site. These two choices are the Communication site and the Team Site. Using the communication site is the best platform to create the Human Resources SharePoint site.

As the communication site is mostly used for sharing information through one-way points, therefore, it does not depend upon team-building aspects. Moreover, the communication site is an excellent platform for creating wonderful visuals along with Hero Web Part. Hence, the communication site is the ideal template for developing an HR SharePoint site.

Step 2: Decide what you want to share with your Employees

The next key factor needs you to decide what type of information or content you want to share with your employees. For this purpose, it is essential to share few important elements that can form the backbone of a typical HR site:

  • HR Announcements – This includes new policy updates, medical insurance, new employee hiring updates, enrolment deadlines (Only for the US)
  • Upcoming Announcements – Deadlines, company holidays, events, etc.
  • Templates, Forms, and Company policies
  • Best Employee of the Year, birthdays, marriage anniversaries section
  • Links to external websites –  retirement accounts, and insurance
  • Employee folders – employee’s own secured area accessible by HR and Manager.
  • HR Knowledge Base – Contains minute details about the company and its policies just like Wiki-style.
  • Employee Onboarding Process – New employee onboarding

Step 3: Divide your Requirements into SharePoint Web Parts

The next step you need to follow is to divide the HR requirements into various functionalities or web parts in online SharePoint.

  • HR Announcements – For this purpose, you need to use News Web Part to get the best out of this mechanism. However, you can even create a more wonderful and beautiful announcements section and then you can link every announcement into a separate page. You should keep the announcements on an orderly basis. By using Hub Sites, you can showcase the news on the HR site. Even you showcase the news on your main Intranet page.
  • Upcoming Events – You need to use SharePoint Calendar here. Using SharePoint calendar
  • Company Events, Policies, and Templates – It is important to use the SharePoint document library. In this section, you can keep one library or either multiple, but it depends upon your requirements and the volume.  Moreover, you can even create many filters to make it look more organized.
  • Best Employee of the Year, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Contact Us – This section contains fewer parts or functionalities. However, the ideal way to get the best out of this section is to include the names of employees here. You can create anniversary, and birthday dates here in this section.
  • Linking to other websites – This section also contains a fewer list, but however, it is easy to use Quick links here.
  • Employee folders Section – This section is utilized exclusively for the employees. However, only the Manager or the HR can access this exclusive stuff.

Step 4: Create Human Resources SharePoint Site

You can create the communication site by utilizing the information mentioned above. Moreover, you can even implement various functionalities in this section. It is much better if you use this article as your reference point. For more details click here on the link

Step 5: Ensure Security

Ensuring a security code in the site will help you to serve better and keep your data, information safe from hackers. This is important before you release it for the employees or to the public. For more security, you can add permission to make it limited access to the employees.

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