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Office 365 as an HR Management System

Finding cost-effective solutions has become a common phenomenon today because of the stiff competition in the market. It helps the organization for rapid growth and maximizing profits and increasing their rank in the market. 

However, choosing Office HR 365 is the most cost-effective solution that can help your organization to automate various HR processes. These processes include new hiring, attendance, performance management, leave management, employee administration, and engagement effectively.

Moreover, you can even subscribe to Office 365 by giving a monthly fee and add Dynamics 365 to the subscription pack. This will help you to enhance the application functionality of Office 365.

MS Teams

Any HR department needs to maintain the employee’s leave management, recruitment process, and new hiring for the organization. Further, the HR department needs to carry out these important tasks through efficient teamwork and coordination.

During a new hiring process, the HR department needs to coordinate with the other internal departments to carry out the onboarding process systematically. However, sometimes multiple emails can overload the inbox along with chaos and mix-up. This leads to inefficiency within the organization and delayed response from the HR department.

However, with the help of Office 365, they can resolve this issue instantly as it provides the HR department to coordinate with other departments effectively.

Adding Office 365 can enhance the recruitment and employee onboarding process without any glitches. It is easy to work with multiple departments in your organization by utilizing MS Teams. Further, the MS Team also offers a built-in sharing folder where one can upload the files enabling every member of the organization to see them.


The Yammer in Office 365 enables the HR department to communicate with the new hires about their onboarding schedules, training, logistics, and venue effectively. Yammer is a social media network that helps to add the new employees in your organization into a group, just like WhatsApp for posting updates about the onboarding details.

The new employees of the organization will be able to see the post, comment, like, and share similar to any other social media network. Apart from this, the new employees can even post their queries or share their feedback with other new members.


Sway is another remarkable application in the Office 365 module that helps the HR department in making the onboarding process easy and simple. It also allows the user to post-professional webpages about the new onboarding schedule without even calling an IT specialist.

Moreover, it allows you to publish web content in the portal. Not satisfied, no worries. You only need to change through Remix Button.

Skype for Business

Another excellent tool to communicate for your business. It offers the company head or the CEO for welcoming the new members into the organization, especially if they are in some other location.

Further, the new hires can even post new queries and receive answers quickly through this platform easily. It also allows the hiring manager to conduct interviews through video meetings using Skype business.


The HR department must conduct a feedback session about the onboarding training programs for the new hires. Using Forms can help to create a form online and add questions in the portal.

The HR team can post and share the link for new hires, or even present a QR scan code for receiving feedback.

Moreover, Forms also allow the HR department to create different quiz sessions about the training programs and ask about their experiences.

Power BI

It is a cloud-based analytics service that helps the HR team to see and analyze the various data with better understanding and efficiency. The HR team can use the Get & Transform option for importing data from various departments and transform it through this single interactive dashboard.

Moreover, the employees can see and gain insight into their productivity in human resource 365. Though this platform is available exclusively for the employees of the organization for viewing. However, the employees on the other hand can use Workplace Analytics for evaluating their team’s productivity. For more information, click here

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